• Sarah Greene

It's Been A Year...

Today's blog is a bit of a jumble. I can't begin to explain my thought process but, if you're still reading bu the end of it, I thank you. I thank you even if you don't make it that far. I hope you can take some kind of info from it; whether it be positive or negative. Any feedback is definitely appreciated.

There are many things that can be said for the amount of shit going on in the world right now. But where to start is earlier in the year when we first learned about the wildfires in Australia. Devastating to the animal species there and some species won't be coming back to thrive in this world. So unbelievably unfortunate. Let's not mention the amount of damage done to the ecosystem along with the many, many years it will take for those trees to fully bloom and for the land to heal.

Fast forward 5 months later and we have the tragic death of George Floyd with cities all around the world demonstrating and protesting for George and for the rights of black people. There's turmoil surrounding some of these protests to include more deaths, extreme vandalism and more violence. Some cities have curfews. The National Guard has stepped in with possibilities of the active duty military stepping in.

As an American citizen, I have never felt more safe: LIVING IN ANOTHER COUNTRY. We have the comforts of being in Germany but I fear for the lives of my friends and family back home. Some are in hot spots of these protests and extreme vandalism in the USA. One friend works at a restaurant in which they chose to shut down last weekend because, the owner already being slightly racist, was posted inside the establishment with a rifle ready to go.

UMMM..... what?!

Let's not even mention one of my closest family members is about 4 months pregnant right now. With the events of the corona virus, people not adhering to social distancing practices anymore and now protests, I can't imagine how she's feeling giving birth in a few more months. How does she and her husband feel raising a baby in this world and this climate?

I pray the effects of George Floyd's death does create change in this world but we have no clue where we'll be in six months. Where the world's thoughts will be and IF any actions will be taken. Police reform? Second wave of the corona virus? Will any more historic sites or building be destroyed? Who friggin knows. All we can do is whatever we can but not MORE than we can. Super confusing to write that down; it's something I say out loud all the time.

Always helps as much as you can but never more than you can.

You have to be able to take care of yourself first before you start taking care of other people. Your mental health is just as important. So, in light of the world's events, I can't speak for other people but I do hope **I** can make a difference. Whether it be by action or words, I hope that someone is impacted by what I do. And I hope that the world can begin to heal.

I'd love to hear any feedback on your own self care practices or even things you've tried that definitely didn't work for you. For me, sometimes I just need to take a day: By myself, good pair of headphones, maybe a little shopping, lunch, movie, mani/pedi. It sounds kind of silly but sometimes just having a day to myself to do whatever I want with nothing else to worry about besides what I'm listening to, reading, crafting, whatever.

One person who has really inspired me and speaks to the depths of my soul on mental health and self care: Tiffany Jenkins. He videos on Facebook first caught my eye when she did a video on If My Brain Could Speak. It shows all the emotions at play during certain situations. So, in the morning when she wakes up, she portrays Anxiety, Depression, Motivation, Procrastination, Socially Awkward, etc. It is crazy accurate for the thoughts constantly running through my head. Or trying to explain my thoughts to my husband that I can't fall asleep at night because my heart is beating so fast with all the thoughts going through my head.

Anyway, I bring this up because she went live on Facebook the other day explaining why she was taking a break from social media. The opinion and info she shared after George Floyd's death resulted in her receiving some pretty intense messages from people about how she wasn't doing enough or what she said wasn't accurate and she needs to use her social platform to really speak out about what's going on right now.

She said some things that really resonate with me and I wanted to share this with y'all. Would love to hear any feedback from you about how you feel and what kind of actions you want to take.


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