• Sarah Greene

"Her cancer drugs might have made her a different kind of sick."

This right here puts things into perspective. This is reality. She is in a neurological appointment because her doctors are concerned that her chemotherapy may have left some side effects. Catch that?

Her cancer drugs might have made her a different kind of sick.

She’s six.

So all the bullshit, you hate job, you can’t stand your coworkers, your boss is unbearable, all the whining over the weather, the price of gas, your significant other, your NFL team missed a tackle that could have taken them to the super bowl, all of that insignificant crap.

Take a minute and be grateful for your healthy children. Yes, they are annoying, they whine, they fight incessantly, they won’t give you one second of peace, but they are yours.

Take a minute to think about if it’s really worth it to give it all of that effort and anger into hating someone who doesn’t matter in the long run, who don’t affect you life in a significant way.

I’ll be the first to admit that I need to take my own advice, I am very full of anger and loathing, the girls get on my nerves and some days I want to teleport them to Mars, but sitting in this office listening to the this doctor right now makes me want to go back and hug them every time I asked for five minutes of peace and quiet, every time I lost my shit, every time I told them no when I could have just as easily said yes. This doesn’t mean anyone can magically change their mentality just try to take a second and think from now on.

This appointment went wonderfully, Haley was thankfully cleared and will continue to do well, she’s a pretty awesome Nugget.

Note from Sarah: I have met Haley once while we lived in the Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri area. Haley is beautiful and strong and adorable. Her mother, Tori and her aunt, Tacy (author of this post), are inspirational people themselves! It takes a village, as they say; Tori, Tacy, and Haley brought an army and successfully battled against cancer! What is more inspirational than that??!

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