• Sarah Greene

Journey of Goodbyes: Part 4

Thursday, September 21st, 2017

Thursday morning seems like a blur at this point. The Husband and I woke up to our niece, Allison, hanging out with Grandma. She just turned a year old recently and, Lord have mercy, is she adorable. She has this tower of blocks that are about as tall as she is: When they’re built for her, she bumbles over to the tower, knocks them over and turns immediately clapping for herself. It was still adorable the 17th and 18th times we saw this over the days we were in Idaho.

The Husband and I decided to spend some time to ourselves for a bit and go into Boise to the mall. They have several awesome stores in there that we may not see again until we move back to the States. We were there for a couple of hours, shopped, talked plans for the rest of the time in Idaho and discussed getting tattoos. The Husband has been wanting to get his elbow tattooed for a while and decided on getting a rose to represent his mom and snowdrops to represent his grandmother. We found a place in Boise- devotion tattoo and piercing shop (www.devotion-tattoo.com). We worked with Weston who took an elbow tattoo request, not blinking an eye and going for it. Turned out beautifully! Not to mention that The Husband FELL ASLEEP on the table while getting his ELBOW tattooed. Are you kidding me?! Oh man... ridiculous. Matt was with me when I finished my sleeve and it was agonizingly painful. He. Fell. Asleep. I will admit that in the moment, I was super jealous. Hahaha... My passport stamp idea was designed using the Canva program and Weston took my idea, made it 100% better and I’m so in love with it! Thank you, Weston, and devotion tattoo for squeezing us in and the tattoos turning out even better than we expected! Look for their page on Facebook!

We got back to the house in time to go out to dinner with The Husband’s parents at a restaurant in Meridian, Idaho. Goodwood Barbeque Company located at 1140 North Eagle Road. I chose the chicken fried steak, The Husband and Father-In-Law chose the prime rib and Mother-In-Law chose the ribeye and smashed potatoes. The most hilarious food snafu was the Father-In-Law who used his horseradish as sour cream. He asked us why we didn’t tell him it was horseradish for his prime rib. He even still ate the rest of the baked potato with the horseradish sauce on it! It was hilarious! We had a wonderful time joking around, catching up, telling stories, and reminiscing. I’m hoping the joint didn’t want to kick us out for the cussing and the obnoxious laughing and giggling. We were very happy to have been there and to have tasted their delicious food. Again, I would highly recommend this restaurant. And, if you’ve read this far, you will be reading about several recommendations for the area. Thank you for reading this far. YOU are the reason I’m writing this.

Friday, September 22nd included sleeping in a little and taking The Husband’s parents to the mall to do some shopping. His mom and I had a great time discussing the men of the family and the men went off to find socks and shoes. Us gals found shoes, shirts, belts, a few dresses and lots of laughter and appreciation of the time spent together.

That evening we went to the Boise Broncos game with The Husband’s parents. It was a chilly evening and we were equipped with several layers and a couple of blankets. Their legendary blue turf is something I’ve been dying to see in person since The Husband first told me about them a few years ago. The crowd was much more enthusiastic when the game started, but as the evening moved on, it became colder and the Broncos became worse and worse. We left right after 4th quarter began and the score was 42-14. It was a lot of fun since The Husband’s parents had never been to game and lived in the area for 40+ years. :)

I think the impending move to Germany has us all a little on edge but it’s showing us the way our worlds can change through the course of a year. Three years in Germany will go by quickly as time seems to go by so quickly these days; we just have to pray that the days are smooth and everyone stays in good health.

Total road trip mileage: 1, 774 miles


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