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Journey of Goodbyes: Part 3 -- Goodbye Colorado, Surprise Idaho

Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

5AM, wake-up call. And by “wake-up call” I mean the intro to La Grange by ZZ Top. Buhduh, buh, buh, buh, buh, buhduh buh duh.... I know you’re bobbing your head along as I am :) Roll over, groan that it’s so early and we haven’t gotten nearly enough sleep on VACATION. Take dogs outside, sleepily pack the car with whatever we brought inside and say our goodbyes. We have a very good relationship with Rich and were honored to have been a part of their wedding in 2015. Matt and I were groomsmen. Rich was the Honorary Best “Man” in our wedding. Beautiful and sweet.

We found a couple of Starbucks for me, since The Husband is an alien and doesn’t drink coffee. I’ve considered blood tests but realized I am not an alien scientist. (You can laugh but there is no way he has as much energy as he does without caffeine.)

Got on the road. The drive from Aurora, Colorado to Nampa, Idaho is quoted at 12 hours and 7 minutes. We knew it was going to be a long day and knew it was going to take longer than what was quoted since we had both dogs and a 10 gallon gas tank. Where in the world was the Fiat going today? Leaving Denver, we would go through Rock Springs, Wyoming, through the corner of Utah to get to Idaho.

We stopped to get gas a little out of town to hopefully save a little money and ended up stopping somewhere I’ve been before: The very same gas station I stopped at about five years ago this week when I moved to Alaska. How crazy is that? I didn’t even remember the gas station until we were inside and memories came flooding back of the photos on the wall and the large wooden porch surrounding the building. Not only was that awesome, but the lady at the counter overheard my excitement of being there once before on the move to Alaska. When we checked out for gas a few trinkets, she informed us that she grew up in Eagle River. What?! Oh man, such an awesome, small world.

Further on down the road, we took a picture of the dogs under the Wyoming sign as I screamed in exclamation about how pretty the area was and that there was snow on the ground. Nerdy, yet completely awesome.

Then, we stopped to have lunch at a burrito place (the name of escapes me) with Stacey and Zach Musick. Stacey, who was very pregnant at the time, and Zach just getting there from work, lovely, lovely people. I met Stacey almost 10 years ago during an internship in Michigan. We’ve been friends ever since and grateful that she is a part of my life. We didn’t spend a ton of time catching up but long enough to have a rest and to appreciate the presence of each. Not to mention that we would be right back in Rock Springs to spend several days with them the following week. They’re wonderful people.

Back on the road, and it’s about 1:30 pm and we’ve got about 494 miles to go. We’re both a little tired, we’re full of delicious burritos and we’re ready to just be in Nampa. Seems like the afternoon went by quickly as we were getting excited about surprising Matt’s parents a day earlier than they expected us to be there. We let them know we have left Denver about 3:00PM in the afternoon. They were fully expecting to see us the next day around noon and we showed up to their house about 8PM. The first things out of Matt’s dad’s mouth was, “You asshole!” (Sorry for those of you not into the swearing realm.) They claimed that we always surprise them when we come into town and “knew” that we were going to surprise them this time. You’re totally right - you were un-surprised. No surprise whatsoever. Hahaha... They were surprised.

We sat up and talked with them for a few hours until a welcomed bed time. We had no idea what was going on for the rest of the week/weekend so sleep was very welcomed.

Total road trip mileage: 1,638 miles.

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