• Sarah Greene

The Journey of Goodbyes: Part 1

The amount of tears that have leaked from my face these last few weeks have been astronomical. Maybe not that bad, as there are worse things that have happened in my life, but each time the tears roll, it feels as if pieces of my soul are melting away.

Monday, September 18th, 2017. Our adventure began in Waynesville, Missouri, where we currently live. We have been preparing for this vacation in more ways than the average person prepares for a vacation. I would say the average person probably daydreams about how much fun they’re going to have or how much they’re going to relax or how many calories they’re NOT going to count because they’re “on vacation.” The Husband and I began preparing for our vacation by moving out of our house.

See, we are moving to Wiesbaden, Germany in late November/early December. I will get further into detail about that BUT, we moved out of our house to save a little money before moving overseas. My lovely friend, Diana, and her husband graciously offered us a room in their house to stay. So, in a matter of a long 4-day weekend, we put everything we didn’t actually NEED into boxes, bags, or loosely, tossed it in the back of the Tahoe (Tabitha), and packed up a storage unit. Our entire life, minus 3-4 suitcases and some yarn projects, fits into a 10x12 storage unit. Really makes a person think about what they actually NEED versus just the THINGS that enter our lives.

Anyway, we were in Diana’s house for about a week. We sold our washer and dryer, two dressers, a laptop, and some random knick-knacks/shoes, and organized more crap to add into the storage unit that was extra in Diana’s home. The pay weeks at my job are Thursday-Wednesday so I worked Saturday and Sunday to make up some hours gone since we were leaving for three fricken weeks. Then, Monday, I was all flustered and freaking out because there’s more that I could have done in my previous week to prepare for my time away from the office. Ugh. At 5:00, The Husband was there in the parking lot with both dogs and we were on the road by 5:30PM. Yay!

We headed to Junction City, Kansas to stay with a coworker of mine. This broke up the drive a bit since that next day’s destination was Aurora, Colorado (just outside Denver). My coworker, and lovely friend, let us crash her home at 11:00PM, did our best not to disturb her sleeping family upstairs and pleasantly sleep on the air mattress she kindly set up for us. The dogs slept with us and it was nice to know that I had a friend whom I hadn’t known very long that allowed us to crash her and her family’s world for the few hours we were going to be around.

Road trip total mileage: 320 miles.

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