• Sarah Greene

Morning Adventures & Puppy Cuddles

There are days in my life that the simple things are not appreciated. I think every person may be guilty of this, me particularly. I need to appreciate more that my husband kisses me goodbye before he leaves the house. Every. Single. Time. He works crazy rotating shifts and is on call a lot, even if I'm passed out cold and talking in my sleep, he still kisses me goodbye.

Daily basis: I appreciate the good cup of coffee that starts out my day. Even before then, the puppy cuddles that happen first thing in the morning. ADORABLE things like this should happen in every single person's life. Lucy, our little beagle mix, likes to take the husband's spot in bed and use his pillow. Not just to lay completely on top of, I mean for her head she uses his pillow. Or, she and Stella will share his spot and spoon together. Cutest dogs ever, I swear. And, yes, I'm biased.

Something else I do not appreciate enough: my days off. All day I've had anxiety about getting my homework and reading started for the day... It's almost 8:00PM and I haven't even opened up the class on any internet page. BUT- I've had anxiety about it all day; procrastinated. How does this make sense? Why didn't I get up earlier today and bust out some of the reading and then work on the more practical things this evening? Ugh. I frustrate myself.

Want to know what I did instead of reading this morning? I took Lucy for a walk down to the Conservation area a couple of miles from my house.

Lord have mercy, she is adorable.

I will say that I definitely appreciate a good book, tea or coffee, and time to enjoy the things that are overlooked in my day-to-day activities. Like crocheting, cuddling with my husband, even cleaning. That being said, I can also appreciate my anxiety, in some aspects. For example, right now, I'm so avidly avoiding my homework that I'm stubborn to finish this blog. To what end? Cause myself more anxiety? Stress? Oh man... yet here I continue to type more.

I should stop. Right? Yeah. Education is important. Despite the love of writing. Education. Sarah. Do your homework. Just post the blog, light a few candles, grab another cup of coffee and get rolling on today's homework tasks.


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