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We're Moving to Germany... Wait, WHAT?!

I'm just your average, Joe Schmoe, American girl now living in Tornado Alley, Missouri. Since moving here from Alaska, I've worked at a gas station as a Sales Manager, a Direct Support Individual to young adults in state custody and now at a law firm as a Legal Assistant. Lord have mercy, have I learned a lot about myself in the last three years that we've been in Missouri.

I've learned that I should have stayed in college when I was there the first time. No harm, no foul. I had a great year at Iowa State University. I will never forget the memories, the people and the friendships that have lasted since that simple day I left for an internship in Michigan.

I've learned that my dogs are more and more my family than they ever have been. Stella and Lucy are adorable as ever. They've really become like sister-pups and care for each other. Lucy, actually, went to puppy training a few weeks ago. It was a 7 day/7night training with Barbara's Babies Dog Obedience School. They worked magic with our smart little pup. They taught her "leave it", "stay", "wait", and noise 'eh eh' to go with when she messes up, and working on a leash. She's still the same pup but, as the husband and I say, "a learnin' pup". We're hoping to send her back in the fall for the extensive three-week training. This training has proven to be so beneficial for our move overseas that we're very much looking forward to the extended training.

Stella is as lazy and classy as ever. She sits on the couch/bed/floor staring at you with her paws crossed like the classy lady she is. This should make you giggle, but please realize that I am serious! She is so good at the sad eyes look like she's saying, "But... why are your hands typing on that silly computer thing and not scratching my belly?" She's so awesome. We've been having some flea issues with poor Stella. She attracts them like a champ! We happened to mention this to Barbara when we dropped Lucy off for that training and she suggested the Serresto flea collars that you can purchase at Wal-Mart. Not going to lie, I was incredibly shocked at how well they worked. She continued to scratch for a couple of days but now, she's flea free and totally loving life. She one spot that she itched at so much had lost hair and now that hair has almost totally grown back. I'm very grateful to you, Barbara! Thank you very much!

So, about this whole "moving to Germany" bit. Yes. Now, we haven't officially received the official e-mail stating "hey Greene fam, you should pack your things for Europe" yet, but this has been updated a couple of times on whatever online thing that the husband can check through the military website they use. That being said- WE'RE MOVING TO GERMANY! Are there enough words to express how excited I am? Absolutely not. Is there a term out there that can describe my excitement, anxiety, and fears simultaneously? Nope. There are so many things to do before then!

First of all, we have to take our sweet, not-at-all vicious (Not-at-all sarcasm. Weird, I know) pitbull, Stella, to the husband's parent's house in Idaho. Germany does not allow "vicious breeds" in their country. This includes American Staffordshire Terrier, Bandog, Pit-Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Tosa-Inu (or any dog mixed with any breed listed). Info can be further explained at http://www.ansbach.army.mil/documents/RestrictedDogBreeds.pdf

All in all, we can't take Stella to Germany. So, we're taking a little drive, say just over 1,500 miles, to visit Matt's family but, so very sadly, to drop Stella off and possibly never see her again. Yes. Tears are allowed to trickle down my face in massive amounts because Stella is my forever pup. How am I supposed to live without her? How am I supposed to put Lucy back in our car and leave Stella sitting at someone's house? Oh man, the tears are already pouring down my face just writing this because it's going to hurt somethin' fierce. Not to mention that my sweet, loving, though he doesn't want to be known as sweet and loving, husband is Stella's human. Stella is his "dawg". I don't know how he is going to be able to put the car into Reverse and pull out of his parent's driveway. Yikes. The thought saddens me.

Also, how is Lucy going to act without ever having Stella around again to play with? I imagine both dogs are going to be pretty needy for a month, maybe two, and then, what? They forget about each other? Forgive me for putting off a super depressing vibe but I can't say the thought didn't cross my mind that they will never see each other again. It breaks my heart!

Moving on from that insanely depressing topic, let's talk about the possibilities of Germany. The online deal that the husband can check, says that we're being sent to Wiesbaden. Have you been there? I have never been there and I am soooooo ready to be there right now. I'm ready to skip the next six months of stress and just be standing there tomorrow. From my limited Google searches, Wiesbaden is a culture, color-filled city with lots to offer a tourist or new member of the city. From what I hear from other military members, if I learn a little bit of German ahead of time, we will be slightly more welcomed than the silly American not willing to learn outside their American ways. I know that sounds judgmental. Not what I mean.

So, in order for us to prepare to move to Germany, we have to prepare to have our household goods shipped. Also, one of our vehicles. The following questions have popped into my head simply from starting this blog:

1. How soon can we have our household goods shipped?

2. Are the husband and I actually capable of living out of 2-3 suitcases for 2-3 months?!

3. We have a friend that's offered to let us stay with them to save a month or two of rent. Should I babysit for her kiddos instead of hitching a ride to/from work to save her and her husband some money while they're helping us save money?

5. Are we going to get our safety deposit back from the house we're renting? Probably not because they charged us almost $200 for wiping down the walls from the last house we lived in through this company. I doubt we'll see anything from them.

6. Is the husband going to survive without cable and being able to watch any sport? He's not a huge believer in watching everything online.

8. If we're living out of 2-3 suitcases for 2-3 months, where are all my shoes going to go?

9. Hopefully we're going to figure out a going away party for us and where are we supposed to hold it if we're living in someone else's home? Crap.

10. Is the boss going to back out of what she promised to let me work on legal documents and some of her ministry stuff while I'm overseas? I'm scared of that since that may be my only source of income.

11. What do I do if my boss here decides that me working remotely just isn't going to work for a full three years? Crap.

12. Should I finish my bachelor's degree while I'm in Germany or should I stay part time and travel as much as I can?

13. Should I visit my aunt and uncle and the rest of my dad's family in Texas one more time before we leave?

15. Should I visit Iowa before we leave?

16. OR - should I just shut up about wanting to take another mini trip somewhere to visit family because I'm probably not going to be able to afford it anyway? Ugh.

These are just a FEW of the things that are running through my head on a pretty regular basis. How in the world am I supposed to accomplish all of this?!

Anyway, did I also mention that I'm currently in school? Yep. Working on my associate's in Legal Studies. It's awesome and it completely sucks. So busy. That being said.... off to homework!

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