• Sarah Greene

Waynesville Tigers - 1st Design

I have started working on a little graphic design for my employer, Kimberly Lowe. She's an attorney, singer, songwriter, and author and she's crazy accomplished! You can visit www.gofaithstrong.com for more information on her amazing life and contributions to the Waynesville community.

She approached me this week asking if I could assist in designing a baccalaureate service program and poster for announcement that was being hosted by West Side Baptist Church in Waynesville. Click HERE for their Facebook page. I have to say I was a little intimidated since I'm new at all of this. I've only been dabbling in this design tidbits for a few months. It's intimidating!

Anyway, I said "yes," of course and started putting some ideas together. I can't leave out that my coworkers at the law firm, Amy + Lilly, have been a huge help to me and a boost to my confidence in working on this stuff. Not to mention the resources Amy has shared with me to shape these skills: Canva, Photoshop, InDesign, Tuxpi, and so many more that we've found together!

The following designs are what we came up with:

I will admit that I even got the verse WRONG and it made it to the printers for half of what they were printing. And, as we all know, schools have a very low budget for fancy stock paper led alone a Christian local group that may or may not be functioning off donations. Lordy, I was so upset with myself. It all led to the comment I truly hate, "Well, this means you need to make sure you double check everything in the future." Argh! I'm sure we've all been in that situation before where you were SURE you checked everything 19 times before "sending to the printers." Anyway, it all turned out wonderfully and the service was really lovely.

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