And, it's done! Just have to get my a** to the dang post office [see the post from 2.20 over there]. Ugh. Anyway, very happy to send this off to Texas to a dear family member who I am also lucky to have as a very dear friend. <3

I actually do have another one of these in the queue for a new friend of mine, Charlotte, but I have to get a different project going for her... See below! 

And I Can't Stress This Enough



My favorite of all time painting and I decided to jump in on the extra large pattern adventure from Heaven and Earth Designs. Check out the blog post below to read more about the process and the separate page I have dedicated to the updates. 

Blog Post: http://dld.bz/hvWuA

HAED Extra Large Pattern



An old friend of mine is having a baby who aren't revealing the gender until the birth! They've chosen mint green and white for their colors. I'm excited to get this one rolling. 

Update: They had a girl! <3 She was born the 15th so my hiney is behind, per usual. So excited to get this going! 

For a Long-Time Friend



Good ole Texas and it's memories! My gal pal, Lauren found this commission I made in late 2017 and asked for one for herself. Of course, darling. Good grief, I miss her. 

Another Gift



The husband and I were invited to a wedding in late January and I have their wedding gift started. Definitely need to finish this as they've now moved into their new home and trying to get settled. They're a beautiful couple and so happy for them. Yay, weddings and yay love! <3 

Another Gift


Current Projects

February 20th, 2019

One of the worst problems for someone who has a side hustle with hand-crafted items is the ultimate struggle of HATING going to the post office. Does anyone else hate this as much as I do? Living in Germany, we have the (dis)pleasure of having a PO Box so we, mostly my husband, have to check the box. BUT, because staff at the Post Office are so scarce and their hours are so crappy for so many people living on this base, there are always 900 people standing in line... That may or may not be an exaggeration. Needless to say, you can't just run a "quick" errand to send out a single package at the post office; led alone 2 or 3 or 4 packages at once! Anyway, I'm a person who is okay with working on myself and my personal habits so this is something I'm working on especially since my coworkers in the States are still waiting on their Christmas presents and it's currently February 20th. Whoops. 


 *fingers crossed* 

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